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Win a trip to space with Indiegogo

Space Miles is listed on Indiegogo the crowd sourcing website. Click here for the pitch.

June 2012

Invest in Space Miles® via international crowd funding site Indiegogo (, and win a trip into Space.
As the advent of Space Tourism gets ever closer Space Miles wish to bring an extra degree of excitement to potential investors.
To that end, Space Miles Holdings Ltd propose to give each Indiegogo investor a free entry into a private “Founders” Space Flight competition to be completed by 1st March 2014.
The company ideally seeks $700,000 but will be able to launch if the sum of $500,000 is achieved. Hence, provided that a minimum of $500,000 is contributed/invested via Indiegogo, one of our investors will eventually become an Astronaut for free.
Each investor will be awarded free entries into the competition according to (pro rata) their level of investment.
The prize on offer will be a flight on an XCOR Lynx Space Plane operated by SXC Curacao strictly in accordance with SXC’s terms and conditions.
The prize flight will take place after January 2014 in accordance with SXC’s advertised flight itineraries.
Actual departure dates will have to be agreed after the prize is awarded.
Inevitably there will be terms and conditions applicable to the contest but they will not be especially onerous and will be published prior to the event.
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